100% of Goat owners will experience an illness or problem with their goats.


Make sure you have the knowledge to save your goat!

Take action now to….

Never feel scared and alone when your favorite goat gets sick

Always be prepared for whatever illness or situation your goats throw at you

Be confident in treating your goats- even when there are no vets available

The Goat Health Master Class is here to help!


This course lays out basics such as giving medications and injections, plus goes covers tons of major illnesses and conditions that can trouble your goats! Great for those who don’t need- or can’t wait for-  the full Raising Goats for Beginners Course!

Saves Money

The lessons in the course will give you the knowledge that you need in order to spend less money on unnecessary supplies and treatments, and on unneeded visits to the vet

Be Prepared

You will be ready for any for illness and emergency situations that come your way!

Saves Time

With lessons, printable PDFs, and videos we put everything you need to know about goat health in one place so you can find what you need when you need it fast!

Peace of Mind

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to help your goats






What’s included in the Goat Health Master Class?

Lifetime Access

You get instant and lifetime access to your course- including any and all updates!

Discount Coupon

Get a 30% discount when you upgrade to the full Raising Goats for Beginners course!


Bonus E-Book

Get a free copy of the Advanced Guide to Goat Illnesses and Medications

Purchase for $77







Meet “The 3 Goat Ladies”







What happens when 3 crazy goat ladies get together?

You get a dynamic trio of passionate goat lovers wanting to help as many people as possible raise healthy, happy goats! With a collective total of 25 years goat raising experience, The Three Goat Ladies have experienced their fair share of problems that can arise and have learned how to raise healthy and happy goats. They each come from different backgrounds and completely different parts of the States but their combined experience is now pooled together to help others with their goats.