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Healthy Goats Training Series

Here at Raising Goats for Beginners,  our goal is to improve the lives of goats and goat owners worldwide. We want to help you care for your goats with less stress, more love, and less loss. Join us as we share our knowledge and help you grow your confidence in caring for your goats.

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What People Are Saying

I wanted to say thank for all the information on raising goats! It has helped me so much, and has gave me answers to a lot of questions! I will definitely tell my friends about it!


Beach, ND

Your videos have been very helpful, especially to waylay my fears in giving injections to my goats and trimming their hooves! Thank you!


Austin, TX

I love the 3 Goat Ladies! I appreciate their advice and courses to teach me the basics of raising goats. It’s reassuring to know help is only a video or email away!


Newbury, VT