Raise Goats better, right from the start


Life’s too short to spend it worrying if you’re doing things right.

We can help you give your goats the best start to life and help you be more prepared, worry less, and enjoy your goats more. 

Join The 3 Goat Ladies and you will:

Feel safe knowing that you have access to all the help and information you need- whenever you need it. It’s like a safety net for you and your herd!

Have the knowledge that you need in order to spend less money on unnecessary supplies and treatments, and on unneeded vet visits

Break down the information overwhelm into simple, digestible pieces to get you the best results, fast

Be more confident and empowered to care for and treat your goats knowing that you are giving them the best care possible!

Take the guesswork out of caring for your goats and give you a one-stop place to get all of your questions answered

Get access to the instructors for questions, situations & emergencies that come up when raising goats

I don’t have my goats yet, we are still getting shelters and fencing done, but I am getting more and more confident that I can do this with the help of all the guides and videos. This is the best I have found yet! Thank you!!


I love the 3 Goat Ladies! I appreciate their advice and courses to teach me the basics of raising goats. It’s reassuring to know help is only a video or email away!


Thank you so much! You have helped me gain more knowledge and understanding in the goat world. Now I know how to improve to offer best care for my goats!


I have learned so much from this group. From winter care to B vitamin, to natural remedies to feeding. Three ladies help answer anything no matter how small.


Master the Basics

This course guides you through bringing your goat home, setting up your goat yard, and making sure your goats have everything they need

Get comfortable with day to day care tasks like hoof trimming, giving injections, castrating, and disbudding your goats

We walk you through how to correctly feed your goats and give you an understanding of the deficiencies that can affect your goats

build your confidence

Get to know conditions, diseases, and illnesses so you can prevent, diagnose, or treat your goats easily

Use our years of experience to help guide you through any situation with clarity and confidence

We help you through breeding, pregnancy, and kidding seasons so you can leave the fear at the door and confidently do what needs to be done

And, when you Enroll Today, you’ll also get access to these extra bonuses…

Bonus #1

The Advanced Guide to Goat Illnesses and Medications!


This is a must-have reference for you and your goats that covers over 45 illnesses– plus their symptoms and treatment options.

We also give you a dosage guide for all those medications, so that you don’t have to waste precious time looking up the correct dosage.

Bonus #2

Full Access to Our Private Community!


We know that sometimes raising goats can feel lonely and isolating, and we don’t want that for you

As a Raising Goats for Beginners student, you also get access to our private Facebook Community where you can feel safe asking any questions you have. All 3 instructors will be there to answer questions and hold your hand through emergencies and times when you just need support. 

Bonus #3

The Recipe Book Bundle!


This 2 set bundle gives both our Natural Goat Care Recipe E-book and our Goat Milk Recipe E-book.

You get 40 of our favorite recipes to help you care for your goats and use that delicious milk they give your family!

Raising Goats for Beginners Includes:


You get the Raising Goats for Beginners course in 6 convenient training modules, including more than 45 lessons, videos and PDFs that you can access from anywhere on any device


Friendly support for any problems you may have– with technology or your goats!


Unlimited, lifetime access to all course materials and videos. You can take the class at the pace that works for your schedule and review it as many times as you need


Access to any and all future updates, bonuses, and additions to the course

Raising Goats for Beginners Online Course

Course Price: $197
or 2 monthly payments of $99