I have a learned so much from this group. From winter care to B vitamin, to natural remedies to feeding. Three ladies help answer anything no matter how small.



Thank you so much for the video tips and answering my questions thru email. You mean a lot to me since I am a beginner in this kind of industry. Your so generous in sharing your knowledge and information regarding goat!

I will not regret in becoming a follower of your site. You gave me hope to continue my hobby, there are times that I want to quit in raising goat because of the problems that I encountered in raising goat but because of your educational lessons I decided to continue because I know you are always here to help and advice me.

Than you so much.


Angeles City

Thank you for all of your valuable information and prompt responses.I do not feel alone in my venture anymore.



Your videos have been very helpful, especially to waylay my fears in giving injections to my goats and trimming their hooves! Thank you!



Thank you so much! You have helped me gain more knowledge and understanding in the goat world. Now I know how to improve to offer best care for my goats!


I love the 3 Goat Ladies! I appreciate their advice and courses to teach me the basics of raising goats. It’s reassuring to know help is only a video or email away!



I am not a goat owner yet,but I am preparing for my goats this spring.Your videos have greatly helped me to become more confident.



I’m new at raising goats. I have 2 that are pets. You have helped me keep them healthy and happy. You easy to understand videos are a blessing.


South Carolina

Just your feedback on all I’ve read is awesome and helps me out a lot! I knew nothing about these animals when i moved in with bf and now i know more then he does and i have healed several!! Thank you kindly take care n be safe always!